AnnaLise Laundrup to Assume New Position

Martin Professional, Inc.’s long time head of marketing, AnnaLise Laundrup,
will be joining the company’s International Exhibitions Department as of January, 2003. The move is designed to reinforce the company’s activities at
both US and international trade shows.

AnnaLise joined Martin’s then distributor Tracoman (the company later became
Martin’s largest subsidiary, Martin Professional, Inc.) in April of 1996. She brings to the position not only nearly seven years of industry experience and a large network of industry connections, but also a broad knowledge of lighting industry exhibitions, having been actively involved in trade shows in both the US and abroad for years.

Martin’s International Exhibitions Manager, Per Lundgaard, who is responsible for Martin Professional’s presence at trade shows, comments, “With the entertainment industry’s continued growth and our architectural division’s expanding activities, we constantly face new challenges in ensuring that Martin’s trade show audience is serviced in every way possible. Having Annalise on board secures the resources and added field experience needed to ensure that the various Martin Professional trade show programs meet our future requirements. Also, AnnaLise’s experience and know-how of all US trade shows and events will be beneficial to future worldwide exhibition concepts being developed at the international headquarters in Denmark.”

Martin Professional’s extensive product line will be exhibited at more than
80 trade shows in 2003.

AnnaLise’s main responsibilities will include on site project work at key
tradeshows in and outside the US, subsidiary tradeshow programs, and project
database development and maintenance. She will be based in Los Angeles but
will travel extensively across the globe.

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