Open Source Licensing for Digigram Drivers

Digigram, an innovator in digital audio network solutions, announced today that it is making available the source code for its popular VX line of professional sound cards under Open Source licensing. The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) driver developers at SuSE Linux AG, Germany, one of the world’s leading providers of products and services based on the Linux operating system, will be managing the initial project to port Digigram’s drivers to Linux.

The source code of the Mac OS X drivers and driver interface documentation
will first be made available through the ALSA Project website ( ALSA, the preferred professional audio driver standard for Linux, is incorporated into the Linux kernel and provides the foundation for several Linux-based audio applications.

“By releasing the source code of Digigram’s VX card drivers under Open
Source licensing, professional audio quality is enabled for a new community
of laptop and desktop users,” said SuSE Vice President of Development Marcus
Rex. “Advanced users and programmers who need special functionality can now
take matters into their own hands and develop new solutions.”

“There has been strong demand to enable our audio interface know-how for
Linux, handheld and other embedded operating systems,” said Digigram
Managing Director Philippe Delacroix. “We are creating professional
portability and reliability for applications which until now have not had
access to our audio technologies.”

The Open Source licensing of the Digigram VX drivers and the Linux ALSA
driver development project, along with the introduction of mpX Platform, a
development platform for enterprise audio networks embedding Linux, is
progress in Digigram’s effort to enable high-quality, high-function audio at
all levels: from embedded systems to enterprise networks; from mobile
computing to desktop applications.

“The Linux professional audio community is young and a scene of real
innovation,” said Delacroix. “We envision inexpensive Linux desktop systems
with studio-quality audio; robust, portable solutions for military and
surveillance applications; and handheld medical and scientific audio testing
devices with uncommonly high fidelity and functionality.”

About SuSE Linux AG
SuSE Linux ( is one of the world’s leading providers of products and services based on the Linux operating system. In addition to the operating system and application software for private customers, SuSE offers software solutions and complete systems for the use of Linux in the enterprise. SuSE supports enterprise customers with a comprehensive range of qualified consulting, training, and support services. Hosting the world’s largest development team for Open Source solutions, SuSE Linux shares its unique project and support information online, in the largest existing Linux knowledge database.

About Digigram
Digigram ( digital audio solutions are key to the success of public address and pro sound installations, as well as broadcast and media production companies worldwide. We develop innovative networked audio devices, computer sound cards, and audio management software.

Digigram Powered solutions are installed in thousands of radio and television stations; corporate and commercial sound installations; and audio recording and video post-production facilities around the globe.

Customers are served from four regional business units: Digigram Europe
(Digigram Headquarters, Montbonnot, France), Digigram Inc. (Arlington, VA
USA), Digigram Asia (Singapore), and Digigram América Latina (Cuernavaca,
Mexico). Digigram is publicly traded on the Paris stock exchange (Euroclear:

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