i-Vision launches the I-Vex Flagstaff

This totally unique product is an illuminated flagpole, and embraces a broad spectrum of applications including the architectural, retail corporate branding, stadiums and events markets.

The I-Vex is currently available in three different versions – (1) as a wall-mounted pole (2) as a standard upright flagpole (3) as a mobile upright flagpole.

Variations in height can be achieved, but currently, the three standard lengths for the wall versions are 1.3, 2.3 and 3 metres. The uprights are available in three standard sizes – 4, 6 and 9 metres – and the mobiles come in 4 and 6 metre heights.

The wall mounting poles are available in fixed, user-definable colours, which can be matched to any standard Lee or Rosco gel colour, so offering a massive choice. The uprights are also available as fixed colours.

All three versions are available with CYM colour changing mechanisms, complete with onboard programmer. The latter offers a selection of factory settings or can be programmed up by the user and chased or crossfaded between colours, just like a normal colour-changing luminaire. The colour changing versions also have an additional serial port for linking to external controllers like lighting consoles.

The product blends a number of different technologies. It’s constructed from weatherised materials, and built with a high wind resistance and practicality always to the fore. Erection has been designed to be quick, simple and fuss-free.

The I-Vex Flagstaff has been developed as an extension to i-vision’s architectural work. Geoff Jones explains that it became apparent, when devising building lighting schemes, that it was equally as important to highlight structures with small localised lightsources in addition to washing large surface areas. It seemed logical to turn the common flagpole into a feature.

All I-Vex flagstaffs have conventional flag fixings so they can carry out their traditional role of flag flying. The wall-mounting poles tend to be used at the front of buildings, where space is an issue, and the uprights are often used in entrances.

The mobile versions are ideal for corporate and sponsorship branding. Offering the best of all worlds, by day they can be used for flying the flag and at night the flag is also illuminated from the radiance of the pole, as well as the poles looking extremely attractive in their own right – like an illuminated forest effect.

Over 36 wall mounting and 9 mobile I-Vex’s are currently in use for signage and highlighting buildings involved in the Liverpool Biennial 2002, a 2-month event uniting artists from around the world in a celebration of fresh, innovative contemporary arts.

The Biennial is zoned into 5 different criteria’s of art, each denoted by a colour, with I-Vex’s of different colours marking out the assorted buildings hosting collections of art works or events. Some of the city’s less known buildings, spaces and art galleries are also being utilised for this major event – along with the well known ones, and all people have to do is look for the illuminated poles. Tony Woof from the Liverpool Architecture and Design Trust, one of the bodies responsible for the Biennial, comments, “The poles are working brilliantly. Lots of people are mentioning the fact they are finding the buildings by looking for the coloured poles, so it’s a real result!”.

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