Fourth Phase’s weekend at Pontins!

Five weeks after lighting the ninth annual Kerrang! Music Awards at the London Hilton, Fourth Phase London was again contracted to work for Kerrang!, this time at Pontins Camber Sands Holiday Centre!

Kerrang!’s first live music ‘Weekender’ was a three-day festival of music and extreme sports. Kerrang! hand-picked the hottest new talent to perform day and night for the three days and alongside the 40 plus music acts were many other activities including skate displays, go-karting and a night club open till late to entertain the 3000 rock fan guests.

Claire Sampson of So Just Add Water contracted Fourth Phase to supply lighting for two stages, plus production crew. Amongst the lighting rig were Martin Mac 500s and 600s, Clay Paky Stage Scans, Molefays, L&E MiniStrips and Source Four PARs, all of which was controlled by two Flying Pig Whole Hog II desks, one for each stage. Paul Cook was also contracted by So Just Add Water, to light the event: “Using the Whole Hog II enabled hands-on intuitive operation for a whole variety of acts by both myself and several visiting lighting designers. The result was a set up that provided a simple to operate flexible ‘festival’ style of show for most of the acts. As there were bands on stage for 70 percent of the time there were very few opportunities for programming.”

“Fourth Phase can consistently be relied to supply first-rate equipment as well as fantastic and knowledgeable production crews,” said Cook. “But what makes them stand out from the crowd is the fact that they have the experience to supply extra stuff ‘just in case’!”

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