LDR Gobo Wizard

Specially designed to fit the Soffio profile luminaires, this amazing software gives the unique possibility to create customized gobos printed on a standard transparency film.

All you have wished for in the past when needing a readily available, colour customized gobo, can now easily be created by this software. Theatre backgrounds as well as logos or any other kind of text and image can be printed out and projected.

This program runs on all windows operating systems (95, 98,ME,NT,Xp,Xp pro) and features the following specifications:

– self installing program with the choice of five languages (English, Italian, German, French and Spanish)
– gobos can be created by importing images (TIFF, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PCX, TGA)
– gobos can be created by directly writing on the projection area or by adding text on the images
– images and text can be re-sized, mirrored, turned
– images and text are self aligned in the centre of the gobo
– gobos are printed out on a standard A4 format (each page allows the print of 6 gobos).

Thanks to this software a colour photograph can be printed on standard OHP acetate film using a common ink-jet or laser printer, inserted into the gate of the Soffio and projected with startling results.

Gobo wizard is an easy and cost effective way to create customized gobos. It’s a perfect tool for drama schools and to create new theatre effects for commercial displays as well. Gobowizard® is a free-ware software.

Minimum system requirements

200 Mhz or Higher Pentium-compatible CPU
64 MB of RAM
40 MB available space on the hard-disk
VGA or higher monitor drives
Operational data
Microsoft Windows® 95 – 98 – NT – 2000 – XP
Monitor resolution (best view) 1024×768
Compatible transparency film
Standard transparency film (OHP acetate) for video projection

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