Harrison ST2

Harrison introduces the NEW ST2 post production mixing console. ST2 marks beginning of a new generation of Harrison consoles employing the latest in digital sound processing technology.

The NEW Harrison ST2 digital film / post-production console is designed for feature film and other post production applications requiring a large scale digital console solution. Its wide variety of control surface options featuring PCI based IKIS Automation, touch sensitive control knobs, efficient 2 toned color scheme, multi-operator platform options, input/output format options, and digital signal processing capacity, allows the user to customize the system for any specific application.

The feature set on this Harrison console includes innovations for the audio
mixing professional with excellence as the ultimate goal:

* “TOUCH SENSITIVE” knobs on all shaft encoders for advanced automatic touch write / drop automation functions
* Dynamic “Profiling” — Any strip can control any channel at any time – console “Profiles” can be set up in addition to the static layer controls
* Plug-Ins ­ software Plug-Ins will allow the user to choose features and functions according to need – Future plug-ins include De-esser, Camera Noise Cleaner & Buss Limiter
* IKISTM Automation platform, a PCI-based, multi-operator automation system offering 10 EQ shapes, 30 dB gain/cut, expanded dynamics controls and increased control resolution
* Multiple TFT¹s offer vivid graphics controllable via standard pointing devices or optional “TouchPenTM” Interface
* Expanded TFT graphics for control and monitoring of digital signals
* Expanded EQ control per strip (8 bands) with Notch, Hi/lo-pass and “Find” selection per band
* New Backlit parameter displays providing a smooth, clean and readable surface
* Backlit input meters diffuse harsh LED¹s to provide a smooth surface appearance
* Two-toned color scheme by section provides a sharper overview when looking across the surface ­ custom colors available

The system is underwritten by Harrison¹s digital.engineTM, unequalled in its
power. The system possesses full, 40-bit digital signal processing AND digital interconnects ­ exclusive Harrison technology. The digital routing switcher with up to 2240 X 2240 I/O – can function as a STAND ALONE router. The system allows up to 768 channels per digital core, with dedicated full processing on all busses on every channel ­ processing allocation is not necessary.

Other features include:
* 24 bit A/D and D/A converters (48K or 96K) Bypassable SRC on both AES Inputs AND AES OUTPUTS in groups of 8 – SRC on the AES outputs is another Harrison exclusive feature
* Up to 384 X 16 Summing/Monitor Matrix with Level, Mute and Solo – 56 (112 optional) virtual PEC/Direct matrix
* Motorized, automated, joystick panners – developed by Harrison, they will soon be a Harrison exclusive as US Patent # 6264355 has just been issued covering the use of motorized joysticks for panning in audio consoles
* Upgrade the digital.engineTM to 96K or 192K via software
* Multi-operator control surface configurations with fully integrated automation accessible on a both sectional (per operator) and console wide basis
* High-resolution digital meters with USER SELECTABLE colors, threshold and scaling – a Harrison exclusive feature
* Complete surface control linking functions
* Multi-station intercom system (optional)

This new ST2 post-production console continues the Harrison legacy spanning
back to 1975 when the first Harrison console was shipped. Harrison continues to innovate in the field of digital audio console technology.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Harrison is a world leader in the design, manufacture and support of advance technology digital film dubbing consoles as well as professional audio mixing consoles for television broadcast, video post-production, and live sound applications. Harrison continues to expand the capabilities of contemporary digital console architecture and design. Owner of primary patents for audio console technology, Harrison is committed to engineering innovation and excellence.

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