Robe at LDI 2002

Robe is sharing booth #1125 with Elation Professional who is currently the exclusive distributor for Robe products in North America and Mexico.

Exhibiting at LDI follows Robe’s first exhibition, Plaza, this past September in London, which was used as a launch pad for their new AT Series of products, with 4 new, highly specified luminaries. These new AT Series products will also be on display for the first time at LDI.

Robe Showlighting, a former OEM manufacturer, is now establishing itself as a direct-sales operation with a worldwide distribution network.

Robe’s products have been available in the US for some time – formerly branded as Elation Professional. As of January 2003, this will no longer be the case; all products made by Robe Show will be branded as Robe and distributed by Robe America.

New products for the US market:

(1) The Robe ColorZoom-250 – is a color changing zoom fixture for small production, clubs, installation, etc… the fixture utilizes an MSD-250/2 discharge lamp (250W, 8500K, 2000 hrs life), remote lamp On/Off, color wheel with 7 dichroic filters plus open and continuous rotation, (color scrolling), in both directions. Wheel 2 includes a color/gobo combo wheel with 3 dichroic color filters (mixable with the colors on color wheel 1), 3 static dichroic gobos + open. Both colors and gobos are very easily replaceable because of Robe’s innovative “SLOT” and “LOCK” system. The rotating gobo wheel has 5 E-size interchangeable and index able rotating gobos plus open, and continuous gobo rotation. Motorized Multi-Step-Zoom allows for five different beam angles – 15°, 18°, 21°, 24° & 26°. High-speed rotating 3-facet prism, Frost and UV filters are also included. Available in black and white housings.

(2) The Robe Vision-1200 – is a high-powered scanner fixture – for installation, production and stage applications. Features include an HMI-1200W/ GS, discharge lamp, remote lamp On/Off, 2 separate color wheels, one containing 8 dichroic colors plus open and color scrolling in both directions and the second containing 5 dichroic colors + open white, UV filter, 5600°K and 3200°K CTFs, and color scrolling in both directions. Up to 81 unique colors can be created by overlaying colors from both wheels. 2 separate gobo wheels – gobo wheel one contains 4-E size rotating gobos + open and the second wheel contains 5-E size static gobos + open. Effect wheel with rotating 3 & 5-facet prisms, 3D effect and a motorised Multi-Step-Zoom with three lens apertures for 15°, 21°and 28° beam angles.

(3) The Robe ColorWash-150 – is a compact sized wash fixture ideal for architectural, interior and retail applications. Using a CDM-SA/T 150W/942 discharge lamp, (150W, 4000K, 6000 hr life), the color wheel contains 11 dichroic colors + open white (with color scrolling in both directions). The soft-edge output from the 80 mm PC lens gives a 20° beam angle. A separate shutter allows for blackout and variable strobing, (1-9 flashes per sec.). The unit’s dimmer allows for very smooth micro-step driven dimming. Pre-programmed macros offer a variable/random pulse effect. The silent fan cooling system is a great asset for quiet environments. The fixture’s pan movement range is 530° and Tilt 285°. Also included is an automatic Pan/Tilt position correction feature. Addressing, personality setting and effects calibration can all be set via a 4-digit LED control panel on the fixture. Available in black and white housings.

Robe’s range is diverse and varied, thought-out from the outset as a complete family of fixtures, enabling designers and operators to ‘mix-and-match’ fixtures accordingly – without breaking the budget!

Robe has a long reputation for producing, robust, reliable well-engineered products. The factory, based in Roznov, in the North East of the Czech Republic, employs 200 people and utilises the latest computer aided machinery.

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