Small Spot, Big Advantages

Time to switch off those old spots. Powerful they may be, but nowadays they¹re too heavy, bulky and costly.

Hard on the heels of the successful MP 700 Zoom, the latest product of COEF technology is the revolutionary new MP 700 Wash – a spot of minimal weight offering light output among the highest currently available on the market, CMY colour mixing and a comprehensive range of functions.

All this, in a fixture measuring just 56 cm high, 37 cm across the base and 45 cm deep, and weighing no more than 28.5 kg in the electronic version. This professional spot with colour changer is the perfect complement to its twin, the MP 700 Zoom which you probably know about already, and brings a whole new dimension to stage lighting.

More power, less weight, reduced bulk: an unparalleled package for music shows of the third millennium. But there is more to MP 700 spots than technical specifications alone. These lightweight fixtures are just as notable for their design. The styling is immaculate in every detail. Modern and elegant at one and the same time. And only the highest quality materials are used in manufacture.

In short, the MP 700 Wash is a gem of modern lighting technology, courtesy of COEF, which in return for a modest outlay will deliver top level performance and advantages of the first order. We can say it with confidence: from now on, it¹s a whole new ballgame.

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