GML 2020

The Model 2020 is a single-channel input processor and accepts either microphone or line-level signals with phase reversal and phantom power switches. The equalization, dynamics, and sidechain sections allow for flexible routing to accommodate any recording situation.

Like all GML equipment, it is constructed of all discrete-transistor, balanced/symmetrical class-A components and delivers wide-bandwidth, low-noise, extended dynamic range, and an extremely high slew-rate audio.

“We designed the Model 2020 based on the 8300 preamplifier, 8200 parametric equalizer, and 8900 dynamics processor,” noted George Massenburg, GML CEO and original inventor of the parametric equalizer.

“The designs are the result of decades of research, prototyping, manufacturing, and subsequent alterations in our enduring drive towards engineering completely transparent audio processing. We conceived of the Model 2020 in response to the growing trend in ‘front-end’ processing, where a premium is placed on signal processing before the signal hits tape or, more often, hard disk. Because such uses often call for only a channel or two at a time, there’s a need for processing power that’s long on features (such as preamplification, equalization, and dynamics processing) and short on channels. It’s a balance between use, features, and price point, and the Model 2020 fits the niche perfectly.”

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