“Love, Freedom, Tolerance!”

On 10th August 2002, Zurich (Switzerland) hosted the 10th Streetparade, Europe’s largest Techno music event. Based on the slogan “Love, Freedom, Tolerance”, it was attended by approximately 600,000 visitors from all over the world, who paraded along the city’s streets and round the area of the lake, pressed against each other and forming a procession several kilometres long.

The event’s protagonists were the Lovemobiles, huge trucks equipped with high-power sound systems and suggestive animation to “bombard” the crowd with Techno sounds: this year there was a total of 29, of which three (24 metres long and 3.5 high) were “armed” with systems by Italian manufacturer Outline: 4 Modulo Road High, 4 Modulo Road Bass, 8 Doppia, 4 Bomber, 8 Stackbass, 8 Victor Live, 4 Victor Disco, 4 Topsub, 8 Minisub, 16 Digita, 8 Omnia, 2 Tripla, 6 Flyone, 2 Stage 15; all powered by digital T series power amps and processed by Genius 6 DSP. A Pro 408 and a Pro 405 console were use by the DJs.

Commented Adrian Fuchs, owner of Skylight Veranstaltungstechnik (www.skylight.ch – [email protected]), the Swiss rental firm working on the project in collaboration with Musik Produktiv PA/Licht of Zurich, Outline’s Swiss distributor:

“For years I’ve been satisfied by the results obtained with Outline’s systems. They’re compact but efficient as well as giving stacks of power, and we’re never afraid of the speakers jumping out the boxes, even if we crank up the volume….Sound reproduction is precise and extremely dynamic, giving even the smallest sonic details at low and high volume. We use various models, but with every single one of them there seems to be the same energy almost everywhere, over the whole frequency range: this enables to choose the tone needed according to the type of playlist. Once again on this edition of the Streetparade, the volume of our system was heard over the others and if we’d decided to push to the max, according to our calculations, we’d have been able to reach almost 155dB at 1 metre – obviously we didn’t! We intend using Outline for theatre shows soon too.”

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