D.A.S. Present At Ceremony Honoring Bill Clinton

Included in the roster of important American leaders was Ex-President of Colombia Andres Pastrana, President of Colombia Uribe Velez and special guest, former President of the United States, Bill Clinton.

A special ceremony in honor of Clinton was held in the fabulous “San Felipe” fortress which overlooks the port city of Cartagena. Invitees as well as the leaders from the American states were entertained with a spectacular concert themed around Colombian folk music. D.A.S. systems were on hand with factory technical support provided by Ramon Franco, D.A.S. sales engineer in Colombia.

Sound reinforcement for this important event was handled by the company “Sonido y Accesorios SIA” based in Bogota. Samuel Puentes, company director installed 8 D.A.S. ST-2000 systems flown from each side of the stage. 4 ST-215 systems were used for delay purposes due to the length of the seating area. Stage monitoring compiled ST-15 for floor wedges, 2 R-215 bi-amped side fills and 2 self-powered Compact 1´s for rear fill.

The diverse musical events were made up mostly of traditional Colombia folk groups with the exception of a special jazz ensemble brought in for Clinton. As a token of appreciation, former President Pastrana awarded Clinton with a saxophone which Clinton quickly tuned and spontaneously joined jazz ensemble playing two songs with them before a totally unexpecting crowd.

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