Grandmaster Flash Rocks Plasa

Flash’s visit culminated in a rocking 2-hour set at the Ministry of Sound on the Tuesday night of PLASA. It’s the first time he’s ever played the club, and he took full advantage to put the Empath through it’s paces to a packed audience, buzzing with excitement.

This was preceded earlier in the day by two presentations by Flash on the Hayden Laboratories (Rane’s UK distributors) stand at the 4-day PLASA show in Earls Court. Each was followed by a short demo of his own specialist brand of performance art.

When presenting the mixer, Flash expanded the ‘8.45’ syndrome that’s prompted many of the Empath’s neatest and most practical features. This is the common scenario when it’s 15 minutes before doors at the club, there’s a long queue outside, it’s stress central …. and there’s a whole load of connectivity conundrums for the DJ to deal with.

Coming from the horse’s mouth, from someone who’s been at the cutting edge of performing in the best, worst, most interesting and challenging situations, the Empath is a mixer by a DJ for DJs.

Flash’s priorities were to ensure that the elements important to DJ’s were an integral part of the mixer. “It’s the small and vital details that make the big picture” he explained.

This combined with Rane’s superlative technology and engineering experience, has produced the Empath mixer – the ultimate creative DJ tool.

The Empath’s World firsts include

* XLR, quarter inch TRS and RCA outputs – for maximum connectivity whatever the venue
* Auto-gain control – to stop performance-wrecking level swings when switching audio sources
* Four smooth, reliable, tactile, nice-to-touch Penny & Giles faders
* FlexFX internal loop, with individual Dry/Wet pan controls for Mic, Input channels 1, 2 and 3 for maximum versatility and the most demanding mixing styles
* ‘Flash Cue’ enables rapid selection by the DJ of crossfader A-Cue-sum or crossfader B-Cue-sum with the flick of a switch
* 2 band headphone EQ – so DJ’s can mix their headphones to the mixer
* Both quarter inch and eighth inch headphone jacks – to accommodate more headphones – and that can be used simultaneously
* Two assignable CD triggers – that work with any CD player with fader start ability
* The highest quality, most flexible Accelerated Slope, full cut, 3 band tone controls in the business
* Crossfader assign switches for each input channel – allowing any programme to be mixed on the A-side, B-side or Post crossfader
* 10″ wide format

All these features – and more – are packed into the smallest, most portable, lightweight chassis of any three-channel mixer, offering all the excellent control ergonomics you’d expect from a much larger unit.

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