Denon Gets Plasa Award

Simon Curtis (Sales & Marketing Manager) of Hayden Laboratories, DENON’s UK distributors collected the Award, at the 4-day PLASA exhibition in Earls Court, London, on Tuesday.

Curtis comments, “It’s great to win the award. The D9000 is an excellently engineered, well designed and feature packed product, and it’s great to have these elements recognised by an organisation like PLASA”.

Denon is a world leader in the manufacture of DJ equipment. With the D9000, it again raised the stakes the twin CD marketplace, a machine designed as the ultimate creative tool for DJs of all genres.

Just two days before the PLASA Awards were announced, the DN-D9000 also won the DJ Magazine Award for Twin CD Player of the Year – in a world-first double. The DJ Magazine award – a readers poll – was presented at the DJ Magazine TSCAN (Technical) Awards held at Momo’s in London.

For all its complexity and innovation, the DN-D9000 is simple, user-friendly and logical to operate.

The D9000 utilises high-speed PC Drive technology and internal processors, to offer many groundbreaking digital features. It’s streets ahead of the competition and has already become recognised as the worlds most advanced twin DJ CD players across the globe.

The DN-D9000 features several world firsts including the Alpha Track facility that allows DJs to play two tracks off the same disk simultaneously. The D9000’s digital user-replaceable ATAPI drives will reliably playback CDR, CD-RW and now mp3 disks, they are also the first ever ‘User Replacement Drives’ (BU-9000) for site swap-outs. Extensive arrays of effects include Delay, Flanger, Filter (2 types) and Transform or XFM.

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