Vari-Lite Inc. today set a new benchmark in the lighting industry with the introduction of the highest performance luminaires ever developed by the automated lighting pioneer.

At PLASA, Vari-Lite unveiled its 1200-watt, Series 3000TM product line featuring the powerful VARI*LITE® VL3000TM Spot luminaire and the equally impressive VL3000TM Wash luminaire. Vari-Lite Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vari-Lite International Inc. (Nasdaq: LITE), the leading provider of automated lighting systems.

“Vari-Lite continues to develop better and better tools for the lighting industry, and the Series 3000 products are this year’s offering,” said Clay Powers, president and COO of Vari-Lite. “The VL3000 Spot and the VL3000 Wash are the most advanced lighting products Vari-Lite has ever made.”

The new 1200-watt product platform perfectly complements the existing VARI*LITE product line. Combined with the award-winning VL1000TM ellipsoidal reflector spotlight, and the ever-popular Series 2000TM line of 700-watt luminaires, the VL3000 Wash and VL3000 Spot give Vari-Lite a complete range of automated lighting fixtures. The power and zoom range of the Series 3000 products provide a complete package for designers needing extra brightness and extensive zoom capability.

“The brightness and zoom range on the Series 3000 products is unbeatable,” Powers said. “We have, we believe, raised the bar in terms of performance. As a manufacturer, Vari-Lite listens to its customers, the professionals who use the products, and we respond quickly to provide them with lighting tools that the demand. With our third series of lights, lighting professionals now have another set of choices in the VARI*LITE family of products.”

The VL3000 Spot luminaire features a 1200-watt lamp that delivers an output of 24,000 lumens. It also has an incredible 6:1 zoom, ranging from 8º to 48º. In addition to the CYM color mixing, the VL3000 Spot also has a fixed color wheel for snap color changes; a variable CTO, which shifts the color temperature to create a more tungsten look; two rotating gobo wheels; a rotating effect wheel; and high performance strobe and dimmer mechanisms.

“The VL3000 Spot and VL3000 Wash have all of the features everyone’s been asking for,” Powers said. “The Series 3000 products are high performance, super bright, feature-packed, top-of-the-line luminaires. We believe they really are some awesome lighting tools.”

The VL3000 Wash luminaire produces an unparalleled 35,000 lumens, and an innovative zoomable beam spreading optics system provides a field from 5 to 55 degrees. Features on the VL3000 Wash also include CYM color mixing, variable CTO, six fixed colors and full field dimming designed for both smooth timed fades and strobe effects.

Both Series 3000 products are housed in the same head, box and yoke, and both can be controlled from a wide variety of DMX-512 consoles.

With the new Series 3000 family of products, Vari-Lite also announced a new, easy-to-remember naming system for its entire line of VARI*LITE products.

* Series 1000 – This group includes the VL1000 ERS product line, both arc and tungsten units.
* Series 2000 – The 700-watt product range includes the VL2000TM Spot (formerly VL2202TM spot) and the VL2000TM Wash (formerly VL2402TM wash) as well as the VL2416TM luminaire.
* Series 3000 – The 1200-watt product line includes the VL3000 Spot and VL3000 Wash luminaires.

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