Universal Audio, a manufacturer of high-quality vintage audio hardware and DSP software plug-ins for digital audio workstations, has received two TEC Award Nominations; one for their 2-610 stereo tube microphone and instrument preamplifier and another for the Mackie UAD-1 DSP card with Powered Plug-ins, which was developed by Universal Audio.

“To paraphrase Oscar Wilde,” Universal Audio’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Matt Ward, said, “to be nominated once might seem like good fortune, but twice seems more like carelessness! Seriously though, we are thrilled to receive these nominations, which validate our commitment to building audio products of the highest possible caliber.”

Universal Audio’s 2-610 stereo mic preamp is based on the design of the orginal 610 mixing console first produced by Bill Putnam Sr. in the late 1950’s. Since its release in April 2001, the 2-610 has received praise from engineers, producers and musicians for its versitility and warm, rich tone.

The Mackie UAD-1 consists of a DSP card and a comprehensive package of ultra high quality plug-ins, including RealVerb Pro, the 1176LN and Teletronix LA-2A Vintage Compressors, the Nigel Guitar Processor, the Pultec EQ and the CS-1 Channel Strip, all of which were developed by Universal Audio. The CS-1 is comprised of plug-ins developed specifically for the UAD-1, including EQ, compression, delay modulation, and reflection engine modules. Nigel is also a suite of plug-ins, including the Pre-flex amp and speaker cabinet modeler, Echo, Delay Modulation, Tremelo, Modulation Filter, Compressor/Gate and Phasor. As with the CS-1, these components can be used together or separately.

The TEC, or Technical Excellence and Creativity, awards are the foremost program recognizing the achievements of audio professionals. Presented annually by the Mix Foundation for Excellence in Audio, the TEC Awards celebrate the technical innovations behind the sound of recordings, films, TV shows and concert performances.

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