Lock has focused attention largely on the company’s newly-launched Pocket Par 200 and 400 range but will also feature several other lighting fixtures,
including the ARRI range of grip gear.

He also aims to incorporate the X-Light, which he demonstrated to great
effect at the recent Production Show in London. “This is a great lamp
especially for soft source lighting,” he says, “and IBC presents an obvious
opportunity to introduce it.”

Lock will be treating the presentation as he would a (film) set, looking for
opportunities to use various heads with the Pocket Pars.

“There will be no bland colour washes. We have a fair amount of flattage and
I will get some gobos made up for the Pocket Par 125s,” he promises.

“This is an opportunity for challenging people as to whether they had
thought about using a particular lamp such as the Pocket Pars out of context
– for example the Light Pipe (which produces high quality diffuse light from
an HMI source for motion picture and television lighting).”

David Lock will also feature an elaborate use of textiles in what he describes as an “experimental” set. He explains, “One of the problems people face is how
do they get the light where they want it. Hopefully I will be able to answer

He will have a physical space of 12m (wide) by 14m (deep) in which to work.
But he will have the high temperature and high degree of ambient lighting to
contend with – since this is not principally a lighting show – as well as
the suspension limitations to overcome.

David Lock says his goal will be to work in as many of the optional extras
for the Pocket Pars as he can without making the show kitsch. “With the ARRI
components available, my intention overall is to make the stand as theatrical
as I can.”

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