The High Load line expands Litec’s range into an extremely demandely professional sector, where materials have to meet special needs and be highly reliable.

The fork connection system is the most practical and sturdy for connecting trusses which carry high loads.

High Load is the line designed for very heavy duty, when a high loading capacity is required together with wide span. The High Load line is particularly suitable for building large covered structures. Some of the trusses in this line consist of extruded aluminium tubes with built-in raceways for inserting canvas.

“HL” High Load line description:

FL76 High Load aluminium ladder truss with 76 cm. (30″) long sides. It’s quick to assemble and designed to support high loads and take up very little room.

It is particularly suitable for building frameworks on site with various sizes interstices according to the needs of the moment (LIBERA system). If the FL76 R version is used, it is also possible to slide special Teflon roofing sheet guides into the top section and quickly obtain covered areas.

QL52 High Load square section aluminium truss with 52 cm. (20,5″) sides.
QL52A twist resistant suitable for towers up to 3.000 Kg of loads.

QL40A High Load twist resistant square section aluminium truss with 40 cm. (15,7″) sides, suitable for towers up to 2.000 Kg of loads.

RL76 High Load rectangular section aluminium truss with 76 (30″)x 52(20,5″) long sides, ideal for wide span (till 24 mt.) and very high load hangings.

Litec will show its new professional truss system designed for very heavy duty at Plasa 2002.

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