DPA 4041-SP

The new 4041-SP is the long-awaited Large Diaphragm Microphone designed to work in a phantom-power environment. Its launch means the 4041 omnidirectional mic now offers maximum flexibility in terms of preamplification options.

With exceptionally low self-noise and high sensitivity, the 4041 is ideal for detailed work, such as miking vocals, strings and other acoustic instruments with large dynamics. The new phantom-powered 4041 delivers outstanding performance specifications, with an extremely low self-noise of typically 8dB(A) and maximum 9dB(A), a THD less than 0.5% at 120dB SPL peak.

The 4041 microphone is now available in three different versions: a unique modular design enables the capsule to be unscrewed from the preamplifier, offering options of a 48V or 130V powered solid-state preamplifier and a 130V tube technology preamplifier.

The solid state is chosen for the most transparent and faithful reproduction, whereas the tube system adds a slight musical coloration to the recording.

Because of the modular system, it is easy to change to the high voltage 4041 by ordering an additional preamplifier. The 4041-S (Solid State, 130V) uses the MMP4000-S solid-state preamplifier. Like the output stage of the tube preamplifier, the transistor output stage is driven as a class A unity gain impedance converter.

4041-T (Tube, 130V) uses the proven microphone preamplifier module MMP4000-T and incorporates a pentode vacuum tube driven as a cathode follower in a class A unity gain output stage. The high-quality sub-miniature vacuum tube is heated by the 6V supplied via the HMA4000 Hi-Voltage Microphone Amplifier. This field-proven and popular design has been used and tested for more than three decades.



24mm (1 in) condenser w. stainless steel diaphragm

Power supply:
4041-SP: Phantom P48
4041-S/4041-T: HMA4000 2 channel High-Voltage Microphone Amplifier – 130V

Frequency range:
4041-SP: 20Hz – 20kHz ±2dB with 4 – 6dB soft boost at 8kHz
4041-S/4041-T: 10Hz – 20kHz ±2dB with 4 – 6dB soft boost at 8kHz

Phase response:
Phase matching between any two microphones: ±10° (50Hz to 20kHz)

Directional characteristics:

4041-SP: Nominally 70mV/Pa ±2dB: -26dB re. 1 V/Pa
4041-S: Nominally 90mV/Pa ±2dB: -21dB re. 1 V/Pa
4041-T: Nominally 85mV/Pa ±2dB: -21.5 dB re. 1 V/Pa

Equivalent noise level A-weighted:
4041-SP: Max. 8dB(A) re. 20µPa
4041-S: Max. 7dB(A) re. 20µPa. 4041-T: Max. 10dB(A) re. 20µPa

Max SPL:
134dB SPL peak before clipping (4041-SP)
144dB SPL peak before clipping (4041-S/4041-T)

Total Harmonic Distortion:

120dB SPL peak (< 0.5% THD)

Output impedance:
4041-SP:< 200 Ohm.
4041-S/4041-T: Matches HMA4000 input

Cable drive capability:
4041-SP: Up to 100m (328ft)
4041-S/4041-T: With HMA4000: Up to 300m

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