Dick Rabel’s company purchased a pair of the feature-packed digital production consoles – and immediately had several of their Artists lining up to use them – with the Levellers heading the list.

“This follows the success we had with the standard 328’s, which were used with Stereo MC’s and PJ Harvey – including her UK and US tour,” said Dick.

Top band Coldplay are another to take advantage of a new 328XD to mix down Hard Disk and Samplers for live work, before transferring to the main console. So Solid Crew have similarly been using the 328XD.

“Coldplay are currently using a 328XD and 8 way mic/line expander for live touring work,” confirmed Dick. “They have been using these components since they commenced their current touring schedule, including their Glastonbury headline”.

He explained, “I bought the 328’s primarily because I liked them – and then discovered that they were already being used by other people. These desks are now established in the marketplace, and on that basis we decided to invest in some more of the XD’s. The obvious attributes are size and compactness, with dynamics processing on every conceivable input and output. The E strip is particularly effective making the console instantly useable and creative even to previously ‘non digital’ engineers”.

The latest generation of the 328 architecture, the 328XD digital mixing console incorporates dynamics processing on every channel, group and mix path, and has broadened the desk’s functionality – from straight sound mixing to production and control of sequencers and desktop synths.

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