The first of the MAC 2000 Sseries, since the day of its presentation the MAC 2000 Profile has been a high preformance lighting tool for theatre, touring, and special events.
Based on the input received from some of the most important lighting professionals in the world, the MAC 2000 Series has grown thanks to an interesting combination of very high power and new possibilities of projection.

The MAC 2000 has an intense and pure light emission, generated by a 1200 watt HMI light source .
An extraordinary 10-lenses optics systems 10 lenti delivers a precise contrast and coherent characteristics of the light field. Zoom-focus effects are available for the whole range.

Two gobos wheels (double, rotating and addressable) let users create new and unique effects.
Each wheel houses 5 slots for drawings or effects and an open position; besides the wheels are characterised by new gobos designs.

A further combined colour-effects wheel houses 7 colour/effect positions, plus the open position.
All the slots can be easily changed. A variable frost filter includes two rotating effects positions and easy fade in/fade out of gobos.

A new CMY colour mixing system offers a virtually unlimited choice of colours.
An innovative colour temperature correction system (CTC) gives even more flexibility, allowing gradual and smooth increase/decrease of colour temperature.

The combined dimmer/shutter allows a variable and smooth dimming, together with extreme strobo effects.
The motorized zoom, with a range from 10 to 26 degrees, is included to streamilne the regulations of the dimensions and angle of the beam .
The MAC 2000 includes a purpose-built flight case, made from strong and water-repellent veneered wood.


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