Alien 05 was born as the ideal solution to give a new dimension (of freely adjustable coloured lighting) to shop, pubs and even home lighting.

Built in aluminium and endowed with an elegant design, Alien 05 has a adjustable head which gives a high-tech touch the the look of the false ceiling into which it can be fitted.

Its spherical “eye” produces a powerful light beam which can assume one of the many available colours.
An paramount characteristic is the perfect homogeneity of the beams produced by different fixtures.

The head of the projector can be rotated, therefore Alien 05 can be also fitted into walls, or it can be used as adjustable spotlight.

Besides, Alien 05 can automatically change the colour of the lightbeam. The change can be slow or fast, and it is fully programmable.

Easy to control and very versatile, this fixture has an electronic system to control colour and intensity via the reliable and flexible DMX protocol, used in professional lighting, through a simple DIP switch system or through a dedicated panel.


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