The ML10 Multi-Color is a 250 mW Argon Beam laser beam projector from Star Light and Magic

Its Laser “Intelligent” System can deliver high powered blue, green and deep blue laser beams. Being an extremely powerful and versatile unit, it is manily aimed at big discos or clubs that want to include wonderful special effects to their show “apparatus”.

Features include: 10-Beam Apertures, Global Color Control, DMX-512, Power down Laser Saver Circuit. Pro Modules included: 6 Single Beams, 2 Beam Splitters (general), 4 Beam Splitters (Yellow) and 4 Diffraction Beams. The unit includes 12 Bounce Mirrors. Dimensions are 30″ x 13″ x 12″. Weight is about 35 lbs.

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