SGM moving head fixtures are the result of lengthy experience gained during years of research in the field of automated lighting. Accurate study of functions, use of innovative material, sophisticated electronics and avant-garde mechanism designed entirely by SGM’s Research & Development Department have made these fixtures among the best in the world.

Ideal for installations requiring colour washes, they’re particularly suitable for professional applications in theatres, television studios for which it has been specially designed the exclusive Giotto Barndoors accessory. Thanks to the Light Dome accessory, Giotto fixtures can be used also for outdoor architectural lighting.

The Giotto Spot 250 is an extremely powerful (6,000 lumens) but absolutely silent projector. It mounts a Philips MSD 250/2 discharge lamp (8.500° K) that can be remotely turned on/off and reset via DMX.

A 16-bit movement system ensuring remarkable smoothness and high speed: 540° Pan (2.8 sec.) and 270° Tilt (1.7 sec.). Features include: automatic repositioning with/without blackout, 9 dichroic colors + white + filter for a total of 30 colors, shutter/strobe (12 flashes per second with music sync).

Other characteristics are the presence of linear zoom (9° – 24°), electronic and automatic focus, fast smooth iris, 8 indexable rotating gobos + 2 fixed gobos +2 glass gobos (texture), gobo scrolling with variable speed and gobo shake. Colourchanger and gobochanger with blackout and music sync, frost filter smoothly variable from soft-edge to full-wash, wood filter, full CTO filter, half CTO filter, linear dimmer (0-100%).

The Giotto Spot 250 includes a microcomputer with display for setting fixture functions and status, a display “flip” function (that is, the display can be rotated through 180°), electronic ballast (90-245 V). The supported input signals are DMX 512 and RS 232.

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