Lumen Logic CAT-150

The CAT-150 is a small washlight unit to be used either outdoor or indoors.

Despite its being small and not very heavy, it is based on the latest technologies that allow to extend the life of lamps and an accurate and pure chromatic performance.

Besides, this unit belongs to a new series of ecologic products, created to solve overheating issues and the alterations of architectural surfaces to be illuminated. The CAT-150 is, in fact, endowed with a special dichro 208mm fllodlight that drastically reduces IR and UV rays.

This unit has a very high protection level (IP 66) and can mount a discharge CDM lamp (150 W) with a life of 6000. Users can request special lamps (life of 12000 hours).

The light beam has a span going from 3.5 to 80 degrees and can be symmetrical or asymmetrical (to be used close to wide walls, as in the Cathedral of Milan shown in the picture).

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