Mastershow 512 is a programmable console studied to control any equipment with DMX inputs.

Highlights are the easy use and flexibility of this console, making it possible to control up to 64 units with a maximum of 18 channels each. Each unit is freely configurable both for the number and assignment of the channels, and in addition, defaults are memorised for all the projectors of the PERFORMANCE line and COEF lighting effects, with automatic channel assignment.

The whole console is managed and configured by means of a liquid crystal display of considerable dimensions, giving a clear but simple to understand user interface. The values to attribute to the various channels can be set quickly by means of long run sliders, easy to use and very precise; furthermore greater accuracy of the value is obtained by means of dedicated buttons allowing the digital data to be increased or decreased with the discrimination of one bit on 256.

36 programmes can be memorised employing all the projectors supported by MASTERSHOW 512 with a number of scenes per programme that is variable and not binding, thanks to the dynamic memory which is not wasted if a programme contains only a small number of scenes. It is moreover possible to memorise 64 library scenes that can be recalled directly during the RUN phase or inserted very easily in a programme that is being prepared.

MASTERSHOW 512 can be synchronised with various input systems: external microphone, external audio, midi equipment, pilot signals recorded on audio track. The data storage is safeguarded by the necessity for a password for the operations that could cause the total or partial loss of the stored data, and by the possibility of exporting, onto a Personal Computer, all the configuration, storage of the programmes and library scenes that have been made.

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