Minicity is a flood diffusion color-changer CYM projector essentially aimed at fixed architetturale lighting, however, its final configuration being particularly versatile, it can be also used for more traditional tasks.

The patented optical system allows to use a simple but effective CYM dichro filters color-changer and enables users to get a progressive and gradual coloration of the whole light beam, to get a huge amount of color tonalities and saturations.

The unit, very small and compact, may be installed on the ground or wall-mounted, like common white light projectors. The level of protection against dust and liquids penetration is IP55, which is very high, granting an optimal functioning even in unfavourable weather conditions.

The lamp is a Mastercolour 150w, and has a life of 6000 hours, together with a high color steadiness. Besides, the lamp is built according to UV-Block technique, that blocks UV rays, making it one of the most secure and appreciated lamps for internal and commercial lighting.

Its internal programs allow the Minicity to work as a stand-alone unit or synchronized with other projectors, even without a DMX control unit. The use of EASY CONTROL DMX recorder may prove particularly useful. As a matter of fact, it allows to record a series of programs that users may design according to their own particular needs. When needed, the Minicity may be controlled through DMX, making use of its full potential.

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