Rosco Stage Hardware

Security on stage is one of the most important issues in show-biz industry. To this purpose, engineers and professionals are always looking for stage hardware of paramount quality

Rosco introduces this new set of hanging and attaching hardware that can be used to secure lights, projectors, cables and scenery either to the stage floor or for flying or hanging.

While the techniques for projectors and flying scenery (lifting it above the proscenium opening) vary, the flattage usually needs to be lifted by a wire rope or hemp. Some of these metal parts are affixed to the wooden frames of the scenery to aid in that process. Other parts are used to keep the scenery solidly affixed in place.

Stage Screws are used to fasten flats or scenery pieces to the stage floor. The Stage Screw goes directly into the wood stage floor.

The Steel Stage Screw should be used when the screw must be used in the same place several times, or where exceptional holding power is needed.

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