Rosco Lightshop

Light Shop is Rosco’s new Windows based software tool for lighting designers. It calculates and displays photometric information for most lighting instruments used in theater and television.

The heart of the program is an online library of manufacturers’ photometric data for hundreds of different lighting instruments. Many of the instruments include pictures when available. A specific instrument may be selected and its photometrics analyzed, based on trim height and floor distance from the subject. All pertinent calculations such as beam diameter, throw distance, angle of incidence, and footcandles or lux at the subject, are performed.
Alternatively, a lighting area may be defined by diameter, trim height and floor distance. Light Shop will then suggest which instruments in its currently selected library could satisfy these requirements.

Photometrics may be displayed in either cross section, plan, or a template style view. Templates may be printed for either cross section or plan use to assist in the creation of manual lighting plots. Plan templates take trim heights into consideration for accurate representation of the beam pattern on the stage floor.

The online library also contains a selection of bulbs. Alternate bulbs may be selected for inclusion in photometric calculations. The Gel Library contains Rosco’s catalogue of colors as well as other manufacturers’ gels providing transmission data required for photometric calculations. Distances can be calculated in both metric and Imperial measurements. Photometric data can be analyzed at both minimum and maximum focus. Printouts of plan and cross section of beam in 1/8″, 1/4″ and 1/2″ scale are available, and lamps can be chosen by ANSI code or LIF.

The software includes a sampling of lighting manufacturers such as: Altman, Colortran, DeSisti, Electro Controls, ETO, High End Systems, Kliegl Bros., Lighting and Electronics, Little Stage Lighting, Mole-Richardson, Strand Lighting, Times Square Lighting, Vari*Lite.

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