Martin Light Jockey

Martin Professional introduces its powerful light design software with aview to address discos and clubs needs.

The LightJockey software package is an extremely versatile and user-friendly design tool with great programming capacity; it can handle 9999 cues and 999 scenes per sequence and offers extensive programming facilities.

One of its main strenghts is the Integrated Offline Visualizer, that can be used to program fixtures offline; it has a wide fixture library, containing all Martin (DMX) fixtures and generic DMX fixtures. Besides, users can create custom generic DMX scanners

The software is based on a CMY Library and offers also Blind mode and P/T relative functionalities. It can generate various effects on pan and tilt, and stores as presets all main parameters like position, colors, gobos etc.

Martin has already planned future upgrades that will include playback, blackout and manual override facilities, a cuelist, assignable keyboard hotkeys, 12 intensity groups, a master intensity control and smoke control independent from programming.

The software runs on standard PC and minimum system requirements
for good programming performance include: Windows 95/98 O.S., Pentium166, 32 MB ram, video 800×600 in 16 bit colors and small fonts, 1 free ISA slot for hardware, 20 MB harddisk space. Recommended specs include: Video Card able to support 1024×768 or better in true color, a 15 or 17 inch monitor, Pentium II – 300 or equivalent, 64 MB Ram. Options include a CD-ROM for audio CD time code, a Windows compatible Soundcard for audio and MIDI triggering, CD timecode from Denon DN2000F – MK III (dual CD player), via RS232 connection and 2532 Direct access panel.

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