Martin Showdesigner

Martin ShowDesigner (MSD) is a unique software tool which allows Lighting Designers to develop lighting designs in vivid 3-D computer graphics for advanced lighting simulation.

This software is programmed to make the programming of DMX particularly fast and easy by means of 3D representation. To this purpose, MSD offers also an import function of 3D AutoCad files that users may have already prepared.

The software makes extensive use of bitmap and JPEG images as textures that Designers can freely import.

MSD is featured with a large fixture library that contains most manufactures, making the programming task still easier. A powerful feature offered by this package is the exact photometric calculations with easy to use “lux meter”.

Included in the package is a sophisticated ray-tracing technology that allows to display shadows, reflections, transparency and smoke, and to save rendered images in standard JPEG or BMP format.

A real time “Off-Line Visualizer” function allows to display the settings with solid beam representation. This function may be particularly useful when used with any DMX controller for off-line programming.

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