Martin Fibersource QFX150

The FiberSource QFX150 is a versatile source for any fiber installation.

This DMX controllable fixture features a color wheel with 9 interchangeable colors and smooth, full range mechanical dimmer. The range of available colors goes up to 40 different colors, which proves the extreme flexibility of this projector.

The particularly rich features set comprises the possibility to accepts up to 900 flexible .75 mm fibers (675 flexible 1 mm fibers), either side or end emitting.

The color wheel offers up to nine interchangeable colors (four of which are included); the dimmer is full range mechanical, and the unit offers blackout and strobe funcionalities as well.

A plus is the included twinkle wheel that can be for sparkling effects. The package includes a 6000 hour 150W lamp that produces a bright white light source. The QFX150 is DMX controllable or can be used as a stand alone unit.

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