Coef Masterdisco 96

Masterdisco 96 has been designed to give all operators the possibility of controlling any projector with DMX input in the most simple way.

Masterdisco 96 is equipped with all necessary functions to make an efficient programming though at very reasonable price, which makes it particularly appealable to discos and clubs. As a matter of fact, its extreme reliability makes it ideal for controlling small and medium size installations.

The console is managed and configured by means of a liquid crystal display providing a clear and very efficient user interface. Masterdisco 96 allows also the saving of the complete stored data on a personal computer and allows software upgrading.

The desk can control up to 96 DMX standard channels and 12 controllable projectors with a maximum of 8 channels each unit. Users can store 16 programs (with dynamic memory capacity) and assign cross and stand times to scene and program. Besides, they have the possibility to make a sequence of programs, when required.

In order to expand storing capability, users can save and download the programs/set-ups through PC (Windows system); software upgrading is provided for through a RS 232 serial port.

The features list includes also the possibility to perform an immediate and total black out of the complete installation, the presence in memory of all COEF models configuration, the creation of up to 10 custom projectors “Types” to control other brand names projectors, the possibility to modify the speed of the channels controlled by the joystick, the indication of remaining memory and various utilities for a quicker programming.

The desk can be mounted in a rack, in which case it occupies 5 U.R. spaces. As far as inputs and outputs are concerned, the Materdisco 96 offers DMX 512 standard channels, a RS 232 serial interface, and an Audio in connector to sync with music.

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