The Regia512s36 is one of the latest top-of-the-line light desks from SGM.

The desk can control up to 36 units (scanners, dimmers, colourchangers or any other effects) and store different settings for the controlled units. The Unit Library can be updated and configured by operators according to the projectors or units to be controlled.

The configurable units can have from 1-20 channels (including reset, lamp on/off and 16-bit Pan/Tilt resolution). The desk offers a powerful but user-friendly programming style where 36 programs (each with 36 scenes) can be run simultaneously.

The working area can be configured for each individual fixture and direct control of Pan/Tilt Offset enables a programmed effect to be moved to any position.For each program, selected scenes are stepped using one of 8 available clock sources.

The Regia512s36 can be controlled via external units, such as a PC or sequencer/expander and is able to run programs in perfect sync with music.

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