Reloop RP 1020 Pro

The Reloop RP 1020 Pro is the latest Reloop’s pro turntable. Mainly aimed at pro-DJs, it is very reliable and fully featured.

The direct drive’s power is massive and keeps records spinning constantly, without experiencing any drops or slowdowns.

The features of this Reloop player fulfill professional needs and include everything expected from a DJ turntable.

The layout is identical as on the smaller Reloops and can be described as the optimum for DJ use. All Reloop players, including this one, are fitted with a special cartridge. These pick ups are made by the traditional company “Audio Technica” and are great for scratching and back-cueing. Feedback is kept at a minimum by the huge shock absorbers and the 10% pitch definitely pushes the Reloop RP1020 way into the professional sector.

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