T-RackS provides an intuitive, great-sounding solution to this digital dilemma with a stand-alone software mastering suite for MacOS, Windows or BeOS (only release 1.1) that is physically modeled after analog gear.

With its great sounding, analog-modeled Equalizer, Compressor, Limiter and the new soft-clipping output stage, T-RackS includes everything needed to create final masters on desktop computers.

The latest version, T-RackS 24, supports 24 bit Aiff, Wav and SDII files for importing and exporting.

T-RackS can vastly enhance mix frequencies, broaden the stereo image as well as boost or precisely level the dynamic range. All this, while adding the warmth and space of the tube-devices it emulates. As a matter of fact, T-RackS analog-like sound is created with algorithms based on real analog circuitry.

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