Waves is very familiar to most professionals in the audio fields thanks to its highly regarded range of plug-ins both for MAC and PC platforms. With the introduction of MaxxStream, the firm turned its attention to solving real-world problems about converting and conditioning audio for live and/or on-demand streaming.

The unit is available in many flexible configurations, ranging from the single card MaxxDSP-100 PCI card to the 2U-high M200 that can house up to four cards. The software runs under Windows 2000 or NT4.

The supplied plug-ins are the famous Q10 EQ, C1 compressor, C4 multiband dynamics, De-esser, AudioTracks, S1 Stereo imager, MaxxBass enhancer and L1 Ultramaximiser.

Sampling rate clock is generated for analogue inputs or derived from the digital inputs. MaxxStream che also capture audio from other applications in real time through the PCI bus.

Apart from web streaming applications, this unit may be also used in mastering for themeparks or in production environments, in order to access Waves effects via a stand alone processor.

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