The Studiomaster Fusion present itself as a flexible and robust mixer, mainly aimed at DJs that, however, proves also inviting to karaoke/piano bar musicians

It offers four channels dedicated to dj specific gears such as CD and record players, three “voice channels” (that is “classic” mixer channels) and a DSP channel, dedicated to effect control.

The “dj” channels have a 0-10dB gain margin, good hi-mid-low eq controls and a selector that allows to assign channels to the x-fader. This can be set to operate in a linear o a logarithmic way.

The “classic” channels are as interesting as the preceding ones; the connectors are integrated jack-XLR connectors. Sound is rather good, and gain is more generous than in the other section. The DSP offers three reverbs and two delays, but effects are selectable one at a time. In this sectioin, EQ has a semi-parametric mid. All channels have a selectable lowpass filter (80Hz, -18dB)

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