Focusrite Platinum Penta

Focusrite has chosen to make the Platinum Series rather different from other manufacturers’ entry level processors, in that they present features that one would not expect at this price level.

The Penta is a tweakable 16 preset compressor, where the presets settings are suitable for use in specific situations or with particular signals. The unit uses an optical element, but TubeTran technology is emplyed to emulate valve compressor sounds.

The presets are ready to use, however it is always possible to modify them with the pots, placed just under the preset row, that include Compression threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release, Tube sound and Gain make-up. Obviously, an input gain pot is available.

The presets are surprisingly applicable to the short description that comes with them. The unit is also complemented with a Stereo width control in the output stage.

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