TC SYSTEM 6000 V2.00

The System 6000 is TC Electronic’s flagship for signal processing. It’s the ultimate multi-purpose platform and offers high-end technology focused towards multi-channel and stereo applications.

With the introduction of System 6000 TC Electronic has taken a major step towards breaking the two-channel sound barrier. By combining elements already known from the M5000, VSS technology and state-of-the-art mastering technology with a stunning new multi-channel processing platform, System 6000 provides the professional audio industry with the perfect tool for exploring the creative potential of multi-dimensional sound.

From its first appearance, System 6000 has proved its extreme flexibility, which enables professionals to use this unit in various pro-audio fields and applications ranging from stereo mixing and mastering to multi-channel processing for film scoring.

This new release boasts a new multi-channel reverb algorithm that enables users to place a sound source accurately in an multidimensional space, and new presets in almost every DSP function, making this unit even more attractive and user-friendly.

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