Sintefex units characterize themselves as being “clones” of real-world analogue processors.

The FX2000 is clearly a sort of scaled down version of the FX8000, in that it lacks the abalysis features of the latter.

This unit is entirely dependent on its internal library of presets and programs, that are stored on a hard drive.

A first overview of these programs presents the user with a selection of classic EQs, both valve and sold state, and compressors (e.g. LA2, LA3, Fairchild 660, 1176).

Controlling is done through the display that shows pictures of rotary knobs and vu or bargraph meters that prove to be very clear and readable.

One of the main advantages of using replicated models is the possibility to really match the two available channels (for example, for mastering) or to run two entirely different programs at the same time.

The back panel offers a full set of ins and outs, giving the possibility to work analogue on one channel and digital on the other, when required. The latter is always 24-bit with sample rates going up to 96kHz.

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