This innovative CD player is Pioneer’s top product for the DJ-world, and it is especially aimed at the DJs who need to integrate a CD player in their sets.

However, the CDJ-1000 is far more than a simple CD player, as it boast lots of important features.

This unit offer a Vynil emulation (in addition to normal playback), that reproduces the characteristics of a record player; it is therefore possible to perform scratchs, rewinds and other “vynil-like” operations, using a dedicated jog wheel that matches the dimensions of a 7” record.

The display shows the waveform of the track, allowing the DJ to “follow” the song also visually.

Another important new feature is the possibility to use memory cards to store wave, cue or loop data for up to 10.000 CDs.

Other funcions include real-time looping, Bpm counter, pitch control up to +/-24%, and real-time reverse.

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