Since its debut, Mackie’s D8b has won the favours of audio pros, but it had a lot of untapped potential. This issue has been addressed by V3.0.

The most noticeable change on screen is the possibility to display of 48 faders at once, together with most of the settings for the control surface. Other views allow to show all 48 channels surround pans, and effects and aux routings and levels.

Mackie has extensively improved flexibility by enabling any fader to control any “channel strip”, so that the most used channels may be put side by side, whereas less frequently used strips may be kept out of sight.

Also signal routing has been made more flexible, as any signal inside the desk may be routed to any of the first 48 channels.

The DSP algorithms have been changed as well, in particular the EQ that sounds a little sweeter. Besides, the long-awaited UFX cards are now available, enabling users to run third-party plug-ins such as TC FXII, Anatres Autotune, MDW 2X2, Drawmer ADX 100, and others.

As far as surround panning is concerned, channel assignment in LCRS and 7.1 now agree with the most common industry standards, making this unit even more interesting.

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