The Direct Pro Q10 is the latest entry to Aardvark’s innovative Direct Pro Series, which began with the popular Direct Pro 2496 and has grown to include the Direct Pro LX6 and the Direct Mix USB3.

A unique feature to the Direct Pro Series is the powerful DSP-based virtual mixing software which eliminates the need for an external outboard mixer by providing complete control of recording, monitoring and mixing within the digital audio workstation. The Q10’s Control Panel mixer software provides many of the features of an automated digital mixer, including a digital patch bay, digital peak metering, VU meters and presets for snapshot recall of any mixer setting.

The Q10’s shielded 24-bit converters are housed inside its rugged rack-mountable breakout box and the PCI host card is heavily shielded to keep out noise from the computer. The front panel features 8 studio-quality, discrete mic preamps, four of which are equipped with 48V phantom power. Eight (8) 1/4″ balanced analog inputs (+4 dBu/-10 dBv) are also provided on the combo input jacks. Two inputs can be selected to allow direct recording from high-impedance instruments such as electric guitar and bass. The Q10’s front panel also features a 1/4″ headphone jack with output level control knob, and a separate level control knob for the monitor buss output.

Four (4) 1/4″ inserts are located on the back panel, which allow outboard dynamic processors or equalization to be inserted into the signal chain. The rear panel of the Q10 also has 8 1/4″ balanced analog outs and an additional pair of 1/4″ outputs which are dedicated to the monitor buss. S/PDIF, MIDI and Word Clock I/O are also accessible via the Q10’s rear panel

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