dBTechnologies’ RDNET-EH Now Available

RDNET-EH is an accessory handle with RD-net connection, designed for INGENIA active speakers. INGENIA series represents a one-of-its-kind system in active speakers’ scenario: not a simple active speaker, not a column system, not a conventional line source system.

dBTechnologies RDNet-EH INGENIA Series

The INGENIA series consists of four models with a power ranging from 400W to 900W. All models are designed to work individually, but they can also be coupled by simply turning one speaker upside down and placing it upon the other. Thanks to infrared technology, INGENIA detects the presence of a second speaker, and an onboard-configuration wizard automatically sets up the system in order to ensure the best coverage and acoustic coherence.

Users can easily control the system through an intuitive OLED display. In fact, behind the simple interface is a cutting-edge processor which manages mix, coverage steering, EQ levels and input devices.

Now INGENIA’s advanced DSP runs even further by adding remote control capability to the system in use. Thanks to RDNet-EH, all Ingenia speakers can be remote-controlled via RDNet protocol and Aurora Net software, adding further versatility and ease of use to one of dBTechnologies’ more complete systems.

dBTechnologies RDNet-EH INGENIA Series

RDNet-EH substitutes standard INGENIA’s handle and allows both control of a single-element system or a coupled-element system (two stacked Ingenia of the same model).

Users can easily unmount standard INGENIA lower handles by themselves and substitute with RDNet-EH, which makes the system ready for RDNet connection.

This way, the PA manager optimises the system’s EQ and enables digital steering functions, even to a flown or wall mounted system, adapting INGENIA PAs to the venue and application (speech, playback or live music).

Info: www.dbtechnologies.com

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