APIA reorganises for increased focus on quality

APIA has embarked on a reorganisation of its production line, beginning with moving the company’s factory nearer to their headquarters – the Haliç Congres Center in Istanbul, Turkey. Here, their R&D department has been expanded to include new quality control processes.

Apia New Factory Processes

Saverio Wongher, Marketing and Communications Manager for APIA, recounts on the changes, saying “Once we took the decision to reorganise our production line, one of the first steps was to move the factory, located on the outskirts of the city, nearer to our headquarters, in oder to improve and have more control over our production chain. We moved into the Haliç Congres Centre, owned by the parent company of the Apia brand. Here we have more space and a better division of workplaces. We can prepare a new exhibition space, a new R&D laboratory and update our quality control process with new specific workstations.”

Another focus is the introduction of a new cloud-based management software. “The new management software, based on SAPHANA’s cloud platform, will allow us to manage the entire production line – from programming right through to product creation. All wards will be linked together and will have worksheets and personalised information,” comments Saverio“This will quickly allow us to have projections of workflow and synchronised performance, in addition to an optimised communication system. Adding new management tools to our brand at this time is crucial to confirming and improving the results achieved in these early years, as well as for laying the foundations for the future. In this way the new factory will have a greater level of organisation and will increase its production capacity with high quality standards at the very heart of the project.”

Info: www.apia.pro

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