HippoSchool in the USA

Leading the way in the design and manufacture of products for real-time video playback and 3D Mapping, the tailor-made HippoSchool training programmes enable users to get the most from their Hippotizer Media Servers.

Now in its ninth year, HippoSchool is a truly global event. In addition to monthly sessions at the company’s London HQ, the Hippotizer training programme has notched-up 40 countries, across five continents, and June 2017 marks the start of the latest HippoSchool series. Following on from the latest course, held in Charlotte, NC, HippoSchool gets ready for the Basic and Advanced course in Dallas. Here – and wherever HippoSchool runs – attendees will experience an invaluable hands-on session, solely run by approved Green Hippo trainers, and the latest Hippotizer software.

All HippoSchool sessions offer a structured, proven and approved programme of education, and deliver coaching from Product Specialists with a passion for the Green Hippo’s award-winning line of products. This compelling mix of hands-on training and in-depth instructor know-how means attendees leave HippoSchool ready to apply their Hippotizer knowledge on their next project.

Nigel Sadler, Chief Technical Officer at Green Hippo Media Technology Inc. said: “HippoSchool has always played an important role within Green Hippo. Hosting monthly Hippotizer training has allowed us to get closer to our customers and provides them with the tools to create fantastic projects.”

Since its launch, HippoSchool has sharpened the Hippotizer skills of over 2000 freelancers, professionals, and students, ranging in ages from 14 to 70. Sessions run throughout the year.

Info: www.green-hippo.com

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