Elite Event Technology gets wired with TMB

Canberra’s Elite Event Technology has just taken delivery of a pallet of TMB ProCable multicores, adding almost 700 metres to their inventory. So how much TMB cable do they own now? “Around 10 kilometres worth,” said Darren Russell, Elite Event Technology’s managing director. “We’ve invested in a mixture of TMB ProPlex DMX and Ethernet cabling, ProCable multicable assemblies with Socapex connectors, and headers, patch panels, and tails.”

Elite Event Technology (formerly Elite Sound and Lighting) is a production juggernaut in the ACT, servicing clients on tour nationally. Like most production houses their size, they’d previously manufactured most cabling in-house.

“In the past, we’ve made all our own Ethernet cabling; EtherCon to EtherCon with Neutrik connectors and Eurocable cable. The TMB purchases were the first time we’d bought Ethernet and DMX cabling off-the-shelf,” Darren continued. “We got the samples and thought it was really well made, as well as nice to roll. The pricing of the TMB cable meant that when we did the maths it turned out to cost about the same as just the components, and then we’d still have to build them. The value for money is pretty good.”

Elite has run TMB’s ProCable with Socapex in their rigs for years. “We’ve found it to be really reliable and we wanted more of the same,” confirmed Darren. “It definitely wasn’t broken and so we didn’t need to fix it! But we’ve grown to such a point where we just need more of everything. We were running out of Socapex all the time, and it’s been great to take the opportunity to just buy a whole load in the same order. As we speak I literally just walked past a pallet of Socapex getting our branding heat-shrunk on it, going into our system kits, and being sent out to work.”

TMB’s range of professional cabling and infrastructure solutions are distributed in Australia by Lexair Entertainment. “We’ve had long relationships with all of the staff from Lexair, and they’re nice guys,” reported Darren. “In all our dealings with them, whether TMB cabling, or their other brands, their service has been really good. We’re always happy to pick up the phone and talk to Lexair.”

Info: www.tmb.com

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