RCF SUB 8003-AS II and SUB 905-AS II Active Subwoofers Shipping Now

RCF’s legendary 8003 and 905 subwoofers have started a new life, with high power Class D amplifiers, DSP sound processing and an innovative input board offering multiple presets and variable time delay.

The SUB 8003-AS II active subwoofer offers the perfect blend of bass reproduction, high SPL and compact dimensions for mobile use by bands and DJs.

The SUB 905-AS II active subwoofer is ideal for building powerful subwoofer-satellite systems where compactness and high sound levels are required at the same time.

The SUB 8003-AS II and SUB 905-AS II are equipped with a new generation 2200 Watt Digital Amplifier offering high SPL output, extremely low distortion and incredibly natural sound. The amplifier features a solid mechanical aluminum structure that not only stabilizes the amplifier during transportation, but also assists in heat dissipation.

The input board offers stereo XLR inputs and stereo XLR link-crossover outputs with switchable crossover frequencies for satellite systems. The system has a built-in DSP with selectable presets for perfect and easy adaptation to RCF’s active 2-way speakers. It is ideal for 12” or 15” active speakers in the Live Sound Series such as ART 7, 4PRO and D-Line Series.

The subwoofers input section provides:

Stereo In/Out XLR connectors;
Selectable Crossover Output XLR connector;
System sensitivity control (rotary encoder);
Crossover set-up (High Pass, Low Pass);
Delay set-up;
Cardioid set-up;
3 multifunction status LEDs.

A rear encoder enables the user to select two groups of filter presets. Provides ability to choose 30 Hz or 40 Hz high pass with selectable low frequency cutoff best suited to the satellite speaker specific model (60 Hz – 80 Hz – 100 Hz – 125 Hz).

Both systems are equipped with high power RCF woofers. Our inside/outside voice coils represent unmatchable reference in power handling. Their “triple thickness” former transfers the sound to the cone with extreme accuracy and reliability.

With onboard DSP preset, subwoofer cardioid systems can be designed using groups of two or three cabinets.

The SUB Series features a bass-reflex design that produces higher SPL, substantially improving performance and reducing distortion.

The SUB 8003-AS II and the SUB 905-AS II are shipping now!

Info: www.rcf.it

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