Five-Star AudioVisual utilise Roland XS-84H 8-In x 4-Out Multi-Format AV Matrix Switcher

Corporate event production has come roaring back in recent years, and with that resurgence has come heightened expectations on the part of clients in terms of what AV can accomplish. Companies like Five-Star AudioVisual, which operate at the high end of that market, need AV switching tools that can deliver the right set of features for multiple formats efficiently and effectively. That’s why Five-Star AudioVisual has come to rely on the Roland XS-84H 8-In x 4-Out Multi-Format AV Matrix Switcher. 

“We were that impressed with the XS-84H,” says Major Hirmer, a Project Manager with Five-Star AudioVisual, which specializes in the hospitality sector, providing services including audio, video, staging and event management for a wide range of corporate clients and other users of hotel event spaces, including a recent Digiday networking event. “We’d been using a number of analog switchers up until recently, but the XS-84H has made a world of difference for us, operationally. It has a ton of features integrated into it, including stabilized video output, and support for HDMI/HD component/RGB/composite/S-video and audio inputs. But what it really does for us is simplify things. For instance, it has HD Base-T capability built in. That alone saves us tons of cabling, so right there are operational and economic advantages to using it. And HDMI and VGA are supported on all inputs, which makes allocating our input sources much easier.” 

Hirmer has more good things to say about the Roland XS-84H, such as its ability to span a single image across multiple displays, program-preview modes and its built-in bezel compensation adjustments. But his endorsement of the Roland XS-84H is self-evident, considering that they bought several of them with plans to deploy additional units. In fact, the XS-84H has made such a difference in Five-Star AudioVisual’s effectiveness when it comes to AV switching that the company became a Roland dealer earlier this year. “Roland is just a great company,” says Hirmer. “We’ve used other Roland products before, and the XS-84H takes us to another level.” 

The Roland XS-84H 8-In x 4-Out Multi-Format AV Matrix Switcher, part of the Roland XS Series line of Multi-Format Matrix Switchers designed for live production or fixed installations requiring high-quality integrated video and audio conversion and switching. The XS-84H is a single-unit solution for total control of video and audio that is flexible enough to meet the diverse needs of live corporate events, performance spaces, conference rooms, presentations and houses of worship. 


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