Interview with Christoph Harm, Jünger Audio

Jünger Audio specialises in the design and manufacture of high-quality digital audio dynamic processors. Their customers include the world’s top radio and TV broadcasters, IPTV providers, music recording studios and audio post production facilities. We spoke with one of the company’s representatives, and discussed their current operations and future plans.

Christoph Harm, 46 years old, and International Sales Manager for Jünger Audio GmbH Germany, has been working in the Broadcast Industry since 1996.

ZioGiorgio: So 2016 has come to end. How was it for Junger Audio? Please tell us about the most exciting moments in the company’s year.

Christoph Harm: For us at Jünger this year was a really exciting and also successful year. Born from a simple idea to improve audio production workflows and to make audio production more efficient, we have now installed several bigger projects, making our idea of SMART AUDIO production a real on air project. SMART AUDIO is the principle of investing in simple, reliable and predictable equipment that can automatically deliver audio content while maintaining the high quality that consumers rightly expect. The concept has already been adopted by a number of broadcasters, including Input Media in London, the ARD Tagesschau television prime time news service in Germany. It has also been adopted by Sky Deutschland New Cube – one of the largest and most modern broadcast IT infrastructures for live sports production in Europe. All of these now benefit from our SMART AUDIO Experience, and have a full complement of intelligently and automated D*AP audio processing units including Dolby encoding/decoding and loudness control.

ZioGiorgio: What events does Junger Audio organize for their partners?

Christoph Harm: As you noticed we had a smart 2016 and so we will continue making 2017 a SMART AUDIO year also. We are already preparing individual road shows and webinars together with our partners, in order to spread the idea of SMART AUDIO worldwide. Of course, as usual, our doors are also always open for individual partners, as well as customer training sessions and visits.

ZioGiorgio: On the 4th October NAT organised a seminar about “Loudness on TV” that you attended with your partner StudiTech. Could you tell me a bit more about this?

Christoph Harm: Even with the Loudness law now in place in Russia, the problem of excessive loudness on TV still remains a challenge there.
We really appreciated our invitation to present our technology and to introduce our solutions in order to solve loudness issues. Representatives of Russian TV and radio stations, local and foreign manufacturers, and distributors of TV and radio solutions all took part in the discussion along with experts from the FAS. For me, this was not only a meet and greet with our broadcast customers and friends, but also a good chance to get in touch with the Authorities and to share our world wide experience and expertise.

I followed the participant’s proposals of several changes to the existing metering procedure with high interest – as I learned that there are unfortunately several controversial issues surrounding the existing regulatory practice. So I am looking forward to receiving the first results from the recently launched working group of TV and radio stations’ representatives, tasked with working out suggestions for upgrading the loudness measurement techniques in Russia.


ZioGiorgio: Do you plan to take part in a seminar of such high importance in Russia next year?

Christoph Harm: Together with our partner StudiTech, we are already planning a follow up and hands on seminar at StudiTech’s office in February 2017 – close after the CSTV show. The idea is not just to cover loudness theory and to answer questions that remain about the Russian Loudness law, but provide live practice using real sound material and processing on real Jünger Audio products. Our new concept of SMART AUDIO will of course be covered – as we see this a perfect and simple option for intelligently integrating loudness into Russian broadcasters’ workflows.

ZioGiorgio: You recently visited the largest event of its kind in Russia – NATEXPO 2016. What products did you represent there? Were there some new releases?

Christoph Harm: On the stand of our partner StudiTech, we of course presented the full range of our products from all product lines. For example, we demonstrated one of our “bestsellers” – our D*AP8 TAP Edition. This product is the ideal solution for automatic and intelligent loudness management and sound processing in real-time broadcast TV or -radio playout environments. Also it’s important to remember that we used the chance to talk to our visitors about our adaptive algorithms. These inclide “Auto-Level, Auto-Upmix, Auto-EQ, Auto-MIX and Auto-Loudness”, as well as Codec System Metadata Management and how to intelligently combine it – simply to deliver SMART AUDIO.

ZioGiorgio: Can you share the company plans for the next year? Could you lift the veil for us?

Christoph Harm: We constantly strive to improve and extend our existing products, as we not only listen to the market but also react. Because of this there will definitely be something surprisingly new to be expected by end of next year. But please understand, it’s too early to lift the curtain just yet…

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